Laguiole Tradition Table Knife - Amourette


Table knife,

Amourette wood handle, 

Stainless steel blade,  brass or stainless steel bolster

Thiers production.

Bolster material

  • Materials: Handle Amourette wood, blade and miter (s) stainless steel or lation
  • Dimensions:
  • Category: Laguiole Tradition Table Knife
  • Reference: 7011 CT - 7021 CT
  • Country of Manufacture: France
  • Our products are guaranteed for a period of 10 years against all manufacturing defects in the context of normal use (a table knife is used to cut, a corkscrew to unclog a bottle). Wear due to weather, misuse or falling is not guaranteed. The knives must be returned to SCIP with proof of purchase. To avoid unnecessary returns, thank you to send a photo of the damaged product to, in order to make a quote for the repair

Data sheet

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